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It’s been ingrained in our company’s DNA for more than fifty years.


From recycling fibers to financing baling systems to creating new markets for unique by-products, Donco strives to create value-added solutions that can boost productivity and improve our clients’ bottom lines. There are two distinct differences between Donco Recycling Solutions and our competitors: our capabilities and our approach to solutions.

Our think tank is comprised of executives with over 300 years combined experience creating markets for an ever expanding world of secondary raw materials.

Our strength is our ingenuity.

Thinking outside of normal conventions and creating alternative, income generating solutions is what sets Donco apart. If you’re looking for a raw material to suit your company’s needs, we can access our vast network to brainstorm and create a suitable supply.
Further, we want to analyze your scrap material and create new markets and new revenue streams for you.

Our HistoryWe were green before green was a thing.

You hear the buzzwords all the time; green, sustainability, carbon footprint reduction. They change every day, but our work ethic has remained constant. Donco has been at the forefront of recycling solutions for over 50 years. Not because it was trendy or cool, but because turning disposable by-products into assets makes sense on every level. For our customers, for the environment, and for our team who thrive on delivering new solutions every day.

Four companies, one unique approach to recycling.

Robert Mendelson incorporates Donco Paper Supply Company, in Illinois and opens a one-person office.

Ramblin Corp is created to design, install, and finance recycling equipment including balers, shredders, and air systems, as well as market all commodities other than scrap paper.

The first mill to successfully recycle polycoated bleached paperboard is purchased and the name is changed to Ohio Pulp Mills, Inc.

Poly Recyclers, Inc. is formed to create markets for all types of scrap plastic.

Donco Paper-Green Bay, Wisconsin is opened.

New corporate headquarters are established at the Olympia Center in Chicago.

The Donco Family successfully creates a postconsumer milk carton recycling program in cities and school systems across the country.

Ramblin Corp diversifies by creating unique markets for organic by-products across North America.

In Cincinnati, Ramblin Corp opens its first office dedicated to organic by-products

In celebration of 50 years in business, the  Donco Family of Recycling Companies unites under the new name – Donco Recycling Solutions.

Donco Recycling Solutions in Atlanta is established.

The flag is planted in Denver with the creation of Donco West.

Donco heads south again and establishes an office in Asheville, NC

Our TeamExperienced. Inventive. Original.

  • Robert Mendelson


    After serving as president of Donco for more than 40 years, Robert is now Chairman of the Board. He is also our most seasoned salesman. He started Donco in 1959 with just one employee. Over the years, the Donco company expanded and includes Ohio Pulp Mills Inc., Ramblin Corp and Poly Recyclers, Inc. In the process of expansion, he built an experienced team of professionals focused on buying and selling secondary materials. This team includes his son, David, who now serves as the president of Donco.

    Having the reigns of the company in such capable hands gives him more time to spend with his wife, Linda, their children and many grandchildren.

  • David Mendelson


    David Mendelson has been instrumental in expanding Donco’s focus beyond traditional scrap paper by developing markets for a wide variety of secondary raw materials including agricultural byproducts, multi-material laminations, among other twenty-first century waste streams.

    David graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors degree in American History. Like previous generations, he apprenticed early, working during his high school and college years at Ohio Pulp Mills and at Donco’s regional offices around the country. He joined the Donco team full-time in 1989 and assumed his current role as president in 1998. David represents the fourth generation of leadership and lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, Blythe and their children.

  • Charles Cyra


    Donco’s executive vice president services customers through our Green Bay office, assisting many of the nation’s largest producers of paper and pulp products. Before joining Donco in 1977, Chuck bought scrap paper, pulp, and chemicals for Fort Howard Paper Company.

    Before that, he earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in education from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and the Paperstock Industries Chapter of ISRI (PSI). He recently completed ten successful years as co-chairman of the PSI Standards and Practices Committee. Chuck and his wife, Linda, reside in Green Bay, WI.

  • Jeffrey Sunderman


    As Director of Sales for Donco’s Chicago office, Jeff Sunderman serves customers and suppliers not only in the Midwest but throughout North America. When Jeff joined Donco in 1996, he brought 17 years experience as President of a scrap packer/dealer company. Since that time, he has greatly expanded Donco’s presence in the recycled paper, plastics and metals markets. He has also increased our organization’s outreach to international markets. Jeff is constantly creating new ways to benefit our clients with ingenuity and networking.

    Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural business economics from Southern Illinois University and lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Julie, their children and grand children.

  • Robert Harris


    When Bob Harris joined our Chicago operation in 1974 as Vice President of International Sales, he brought to the table years of professional expertise in the carton and container industry. From 1960 to 1971, Bob published Boxboard Containers Magazine, and he served as an international consultant to the packaging industry from 1971 to 1974. In addition, Bob has been involved in the operation of corrugated plants at home and abroad, and he is well versed in board-mill startups and expansions. He and his wife, Brigita, live in Chicago and have 2 grown sons.

  • Woody hill


    Woody comes to Ramblin Corp with 30 years of research and merchandising experience in the agricultural-products industry. Woody presently markets wide-specification agricultural products, including starches and wood byproducts, into a variety of industrial, agricultural and feed industries. Previously, he worked for The Procter and Gamble Company in Agricultural Chemicals Research and Development and has garnered over 30 years of experience in the grain and feed industries. Woody received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Miami University of Ohio, in 1970. Woody and his wife, Holly, live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have three children and numerous grandchildren.

  • Theresa Aili


    Theresa serves as the corporate treasurer for Donco. She joined the Donco team in 1984 as an executive assistant and was promoted in 1996. Her knowledge of and involvement in nearly every aspect of the business and her “we-can-do-anything” attitude insures excellent customer service to established clients as well as new accounts. Before joining Donco, Theresa assisted the Finance Director for the City of Birmingham, Michigan. She and her husband, Richard, currently reside in Chicago.

  • Alex Xu


    Alex joined the Donco team in 2007, bringing with him extensive experience with plastics and textiles. A native of Shanghai, China, Alex graduated from Shanghai University in 1994. His professional experience began with the Mitsubishi Corporation Shanghai, where he became the Chemical department manager, overseeing plastics resin trading and new plant project management. During this time, he also assisted with the export business at his family’s textile plant. Looking to further his opportunities in China and abroad, Alex attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning his MBA in 2002. A year later, he started the Starlux Corporation, specializing in sourcing polyester and plastic scraps to other businesses. He now serves the Donco team as their Asia Marketing Specialist.

  • Greg Adelman


    Greg joined the Donco team in 2012 after 17 years as a commodities and stock trader. He serves customers both domestically and internationally by helping to buy, sell and create markets for a wide variety of secondary raw materials and industrial byproducts. Greg is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BA in communications. He and his wife, Alli, and 2 children reside in Northbrook, Illinois.

  • Matt Burskey


    Matt serves as a Director of Sales and is in charge of the Donco West sales office in Colorado. Matt joined Donco Recycling Solutions in 2009 and brings an energy and enthusiasm to the Donco team. Matt’s broad cross functional experience helps him turn recycling problems into positive economic solutions for our customers. Matt graduated from Michigan State University in 1999 and earned his M.B.A. from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in 2007.

  • Mike Sheffield


    Mike joined the Donco team in January 2011, representing the Southeastern United States. He previously worked for Smurfit Stone Container Corporation, supporting 11 paper mills with their recycling program. As a Donco representative, Mike works with manufacturers, distribution centers, and recycling plants, maximizing revenues by marketing their recyclable materials. Mike holds a BA in Marketing from Georgia State University. Mike and his wife Judy, reside in Atlanta, GA.

  • Richard Warren


    Richard Warren joined the Donco team in February of 2014. Although Richard’s educational background is in emergency medicine, he could not turn from the opportunity to become the fourth generation to join the paper and forest products industry. Richard joined Champion International in 1983 as a general laborer, and was promoted to Maintenance Repair and Operations Supply Manager in 1996. In 1999 Champion International was sold to its employees forming Blue Ridge Paper Products. Richard continued with Blue Ridge Paper Products, where he served as Cut-Size Manager and Purchasing Manager. In 2001, Richard moved into the Sales Department, assuming the role of Sales Service Manager. Blue Ridge Paper Products was sold to Evergreen Packaging in 2007. Richard remained with Evergreen Packaging serving as Account Manager in Secondary Fibers for the Bleach Board Division until January of 2014. Richard brings to Donco over 30 years of experience in paper and board manufacturing, sales, and customer service. Richard and his wife, Rhonda, live in Waynesville, North Carolina and have two grown children.