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By-Product Recycling Solutions:
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Donco Paper

A Donco Recycling Solution Portfolio Company

Started in 1959, Donco Paper understands how to take industrial by-products, transforming wastes into wealth. For over 50 years, we have led the industry of creating revenue streams for businesses across the world.

Ohio Pulp Mills

A Donco Recycling Solution Portfolio Company

Ohio Pulp Mills, the first to recycle plastic-coated milk cartons, was innovative when it was built in the 1950s.Today that same technology remains a model of cost-effective production of 100% recycled bleached pulp.

Poly Recyclers

A Donco Recycling Solution Portfolio Company

With the amazing rate of technological advancement, the number of unique plastic by-products created from high-tech manufacturing presents new opportunities for creative recycling. Since 1976, Poly Recyclers has been creating markets for these new 21st century plastic secondary raw materials.

Ramblin Corp

A Donco Recycling Solution Portfolio Company

Ramblin Corp has diversified into two unique markets:

  1. Ramblin Corp designs, installs and finances recycling systems, including balers, shredders and air systems with no capital outlay required from our customers.
  2. Ramblin Corp creates markets for unique agricultural by-products generated by the burgeoning American food manufacturing complex.